Are you a girl or a woman? And does it matter?

Earlier this week I was challenged for using the word ‘girl’ to refer to a female pedestrian who was clearly over the age of 18. It was something to do with giving directions – won’t bore you with the details – but I referenced this person, whom I’d put in her early twenties, as an indication of distance. Continue reading Are you a girl or a woman? And does it matter?

Six books that changed the way I think 

I met a friend for lunch the other day. Within five minutes of sitting down she was recommending a book I ‘really must read’ (Grayson Perry’s The Descent of Man, if you’re interested). I LOVE the feeling you get when you discover a book that’s SO good you can’t keep it to yourself, when it resonates SO strongly you know it will stay with you forever and influence your behaviour from thereon. I have another friend who I *suspect* rigged a Secret Santa draw in order to put Alexandra Schulman’s Inside Vogue on my lap for this very reason. No complaints here, more than happy to plead ignorant. Similarly, it drives my sister that bit further up the wall every time I see her and *still* haven’t read Sophia Amoruso’s #Girlboss (sorry B, I’m coming to it, promise). But it got me thinking, particularly as I’ve seen two blogs in the past fortnight with glowing reviews for Daisy Buchanan’s How To Be A Grown Up (another for said list): if I was to pick five books that have had the biggest influence on me since reading, what would they be? Continue reading Six books that changed the way I think 

Something’s been needling me…

Part of the reason for starting this blog was to stop putting stuff off. I was going to ‘be more present’, more productive and stop looking for excuses not to do things. It’s having the desired effect because last week, after 17 years of thinking about it, I finally got inked. No one can accuse me of rushing in. Continue reading Something’s been needling me…

“I wanted to create something positive out of the darkness”

img_1659 Case File No.1: Syreeta Challinger 

File under #resilience #graft #compassion #startup #luxurygoods

In 2014, Syreeta Challinger, then 32, had a demanding fashion industry job in Hong Kong, an equally ambitious boyfriend and a vibrant social life. But when partner Rob suffered a life-threatening brain haemorrhage and stroke while they were on holiday in Sydney, her world fell off its axis. Putting her career on hold, Syreeta moved back to England with him to become his full time carer. They now live with Rob’s parents in Lincolnshire. According to Becky Gilmour, a close friend who has known Syreeta since university, she has been the driving force behind Rob’s ongoing recovery. “She’s such a beautiful, strong woman,” says Becky, who nominated her for this page. “Even saying that gives me goosebumps. Not only does she exemplify the most extraordinary human compassion, she’s incredibly driven. On top of her daily duties, she’s developed an aspirational lifestyle brand making luxury accessories. Although she manages it, they both contribute creatively and already have a range of scented candles in shops. What she’s achieved is amazing; she absolutely can and she does! But she’s too modest to sing and dance about it.” Continue reading “I wanted to create something positive out of the darkness”

12 things I most definitely won’t forget about our family trip to Thailand

I’ve never been fond of the expression ‘making memories’, I’m more a ‘living in the moment’ kind of girl. Just as well really, because I have a tendency to forget. Not just people’s names or where I put the remote control, I mean big chunks of my life. Monumental events like my graduation, places we went on our honeymoon. My daughter’s first words. They drift into a blurry black hole, never to be recalled, or only recalled when I get strong sensory prompts. I blame my reckless twenties. Burning the candle at both ends, I downed more booze and partied with enough abandon to give Lindsay Lohan a run for her money, so I can’t help but pin it on all the fun I had. There’s zero evidence for this theory, but that’s by-the-by because my memory’s crap whatever the cause, and if I don’t write things down or take photographs it might as well have never happened. Continue reading 12 things I most definitely won’t forget about our family trip to Thailand

This film will make you happy

When me and the Bs went to a preview of Sing yesterday afternoon I genuinely didn’t expect to leave with a silly grin on my face or be moved to the point of writing about it half an hour later. I honestly can’t remember the last time I walked out of a cinema feeling that warm and fuzzy. Continue reading This film will make you happy