How do you solve a problem like the election?

A couple of weeks ago, I got approached to write something for a politics website – an opinion piece, if you will. But not very in the spirit of She Can & She Does, I declined. I’m not the authority on politics, I told myself, there are tons of people better informed than me; what if I say something WRONG? What if I don’t know enough to make a valid point and end up looking STUPID? Continue reading How do you solve a problem like the election?

“Blogging about my breakdown helped me recover”

img_1659-1 Case File No.5: Kajal Pankhania

File under: #mentalheath #survivor #breakdown #bravery #blogging

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Even if you didn’t know that, chances are you’ll have heard the conversation about mental health getting louder, in no small part due to the royals, particularly Harry, chipping in to share his own personal demons as part of a campaign with Mind. And with lots of celebs like Fearne Cotton and Cara Delevigne also coming forward to admit their struggles, it has paved the way for bloggers and influencers to open up across social media too. One such voice is that of Kajal Pankhania, 32, from Berkshire. Taking to the blog she’d originally started to report on motherhood, she wrote a raw account of the circumstances that triggered her depression. Hema Marshall, a friend of Kajal’s, was blown away by the revelations. “I thought it was tremendously brave,” says Hema. “On the surface you have a smart, happy, attractive woman, but here she was telling friends, family and strangers how she had hit rock bottom and couldn’t cope. I really admired her honesty. Her courage will have helped countless others seek help.”  Continue reading “Blogging about my breakdown helped me recover”