Calling all inspirational females!

Sometimes when you’re losing momentum it helps to be inspired by the doings of others. As such, I’m introducing a new  regular section to this blog that focuses on one woman at a time who epitomises the phrase She Can & She Does. Eventually these women will make up a series of Case Files, which we’ll all be able to refer back to when we’re in need of a pep. 

Each one of these Case Files will feature someone who has achieved greatly in a particular area or is, at least, on her way to achieving it. She’ll be the sort of admirable person who just cracked on and had a go. Whether it’s a personal or a professional endeavour, the post, which will be presented as a Q&A chat, will give her the opportunity to talk through the highs, the lows, the challenges she’s overcome and (I’m desperately fighting the urge to use the word journey here) the satisfying wins .

Critically, each individual will be relatable: one of us. There’ll be no experts, no Arianna Huffingtons, just do-ers: real women who’ve had to step out of their comfort zones – through either necessity or choice – to meet their goals. Having already spoken to the first two in the series I can guarantee you’ll be both moved and awestruck by their pursuits. Maybe you’ll take away something useful from their experiences; maybe you’ll want to connect.

But in order for the wheel to keep turning, I need volunteers to be featured. (Whoah, don’t all put your hands up at once!) Because many of us are too modest to put ourselves forward (although, please, please do if you’re brave enough), to get around this, I’m asking for nominations.

So if you know someone who personifies the sentiment ‘She Can & She Does’, I’d love you to message me, telling me what their area of achievement is and why you admire them. Because that’s what it’s all about really: recognition, showing our appreciation and bigging each other up because we’re too coy to do it ourselves. Think about it, half the people we admire probably wouldn’t consider their story worthy of being told or even know how much we respect them. My rule of thumb is that if I’m impressed by them and I want to know more about their *not journey, not journey, not journey* pursuits, then others will too. There’s a great line in the film La La Land where Mia turns to Sebastian and says: ‘People love what other people are passionate about,’ and I couldn’t agree more. Get someone onto their specialist subject and it’s infectious. So use that as a bench mark, trust your instincts and tell me about the women you hold a torch for. Then, if each person featured nominates someone else there will be a chain – or several chains going on – and many fabulous women will get the chance to shine. Tomorrow, being International Women’s Day, is an appropriate date to kick things off, so please do check in to read the first Q&A and get in touch with your nominations via the She Can & She Does Facebook page.

Lyndsey x

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Lyndsey Gilmour

Lyndsey Gilmour is an entertainment and lifestyle journalist. She's also a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, feminist and ex-procrastinator.

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